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Apr 16
How to Manage Your Business With a POS System During COVID-19

How does your small business need to pivot to thrive even during the pandemic? Keep reading for more.

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Round Two Stimulus Checks: The Effects on Your Business

The US government is injecting $1.9 trillion into the economy. Learn the likely changes this will have on your business and how you can reap the maximum benefits.

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5 Payment Trends in 2021

2021 (and the pandemic) have brought major changes to the payment processing industry. Keep scrolling to read about the latest payment trends, at True POS.

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Mar 26
How to Improve Customer Experience Using a POS System

A quality POS system can make for a far better experience for your customers. Keep scrolling to learn how.

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Mar 19
How A POS System Can Streamline Your Management

Here are five ways that a POS system can simplify your business processes.

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Mar 11
The POS Purchasing Experience

A POS system can work wonders in improving your customer experience. Curious how? Read on to find out!

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7 Things Your POS System Should Do

Considering investing in a POS system? Keep scrolling to learn what features you should look out for.

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Feb 26
How A Loyalty Program Can Increase Your Revenue

Foster loyal customers into essential business pillars with a good loyalty program.

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Feb 19
What is Cash Discount?

What is cash discount, how does it work, and why does your business need one? Keep scrolling for all the answers.

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Feb 12
5 Ways That a POS System Can Help Increase Revenue

A POS system is about more than offering convenience. It can contribute to your business's bottom line and increase revenue. Keep scrolling to learn how.

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Why Businesses Need a POS System

Let’s talk more about why businesses need a POS system, especially if they want to improve their revenue.

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Welcome to the new TruePOS!

We’ve got a brand new look, and we’re committed to continuing to provide you with the same excellent service.

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