May 13

How Your Clover POS System Will Streamline Your Business

How exactly can a Clover POS help you better manage and grow your business? Learn more here.

Beyond speeding up payment processing and trimming customer waiting time at the register, POS systems can be robust business partners that drive operational efficiencies and streamline tedious processes. They can also help you derive vital insights into how your business is performing so that you can make necessary optimizations.

Clover POS systems are intelligently designed point-of-sale systems that bring together impactful business tools and an intuitive user interface, beautifully packaged in sleek, minimalistic hardware.

Drive Business Efficiencies with Clover POS Systems

There are different types of Clover point-of-sale systems that can vary in included features and hardware design. But all are intuitively designed and intelligently equipped to help you manage your business more efficiently so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

Here are some ways that Clover POS Systems help streamline your business operations.

1. Inventory Management and Tracking

Conducting physical inventory checks can be highly labor-intensive and time-consuming. But with the Clover Mini and Clover Station Pro, the need for this tedious task can be greatly reduced. These systems record products as they are stocked and track sales as they happen. The real-time updating of inventory keeps you apprised of the status of your stock levels at all times and can inform you of when it’s almost time to restock certain items.

In other words, the technology does all of the heavy lifting for you. 

These systems can also transpose stored information into digestible reports reflecting critical business insights and trends. You’ll gain visibility on vital information such as sales per hour, which items are selling well, and the volume of discounts and refunds issued by the store.

2. Intelligent Business Monitoring and Analytics

All Clover POS systems consolidate your business’s data and feed it into Clover’s business apps, such as the Clover dashboard app and Clover Insights. These apps, which are available on Android and iOS, help generate powerful POVs on your sales and profit trends.

3. Accept Diverse Payment Methods

All Clover POS systems are equipped to accept various types of payment methods, so you can accommodate your customers’ diverse paying preferences. The hardware of these point-of-sale systems is designed with magnetic stripes for swipe card payments, built to read EMV chips, and comes with an NFC printer for contactless payments (very important in the days of COVID-19).

They can also be easily integrated with True POS’s Cash Discount Program, so you can incentivize customers who prefer paying in cash.

cashier at register

4. Drive Customer Loyalty Through Engagement and Incentives

Connect with your repeat patrons and reward them for their continued support with a loyalty program. Clover point-of-sale systems enable you to issue corresponding points per purchase to encourage recurring patronage, and gift cards to draw in new customers.

These systems also store useful consumer information, such as contact details and marketing preferences, so you can engage them with tailored promotions for products that are relevant to them. You probably already know how important it is to give your customers a personalized experience. Now, it’s easier than ever before.

These initiatives can make your customers feel valued and recognized by your business, and enable you to build stronger and more personal relationships with them.

Choosing the Right Clover POS System for Your Business

True POS offers three types of Clover POS which differ in size, design, and on-site functionality. They suit a variety of needs for various industries.

1. Clover Flex is a multifunctional handheld POS tool that is designed for better customer service. It’s lightweight, mobile, and makes it easier for customers to accomplish transaction-relation actions such as signing, tapping, swiping, or inputting their card PINs. 

This is a fantastic solution for restaurants, bars and cafes, and other table-service food establishments. It’s fitted with a magnetic stripe for card payments, takes e-signatures on its screen, and accommodates contactless payment so customers can pay for their meals at the table. 

2. Clover Mini looks like a sleek tablet but it’s jam-packed with features to serve as a full countertop POS system. It can handle just about anything, from managing transactions at the counter to getting a bird’s eye view of your business operations. 

This is a great business tool for most medium-sized physical stores, especially retail stores, as it doesn’t take up too much counter space and lets staff easily pull up inventory levels when customers inquire about the availability of specific items.

3. Clover Station Pro has everything you’d need in a point-of-sale system wrapped together in a powerful full countertop setup. It’s powered by an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor for lightning-fast processing and comes with an inbuilt backup battery.

This is perfect for fast-paced, complex businesses with extensive inventory such as convenience stores. This POS system type empowers you to implement loyalty programs, cash discounts, and customized promotions for your repeat customers. Plus, it’s well-designed for space efficiency, so you’ll have less clutter on the countertop.

Are you ready to optimize your business operations with a Clover POS System? True POS has everything you need to get started! Aside from confidently delivering state-of-the-art technology, we equally take pride in providing excellent customer service.

We’ll walk with you through each step and take care of all the details, making it easier and faster for your business to get to the next level.

We know that switching POS systems can be overwhelming. With True POS, you don’t have to manage any of it alone.

Contact us today to get started, or request a free quote.

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