Cash Discount Program

The True POS Solutions Cash Discount Program allows merchants to eliminate additional fees associated with card payments. Apply a small service fee to any sale paid for with card, and offer a discount to customers who pay with cash.

An Incentive for Cash Payments

Our program gives customers an incentive to pay with cash, which gives you immediate revenue in your business’s pocket.

Maintaining Competitive Prices

Keep your prices competitive without having to adjust them for cash-paying customers.

More Revenue Each Month

With payment processing, online reputation management, ATMs, and beyond, True POS is your one-stop-shop.

Simplified Pricing

Our simplified pricing is easier to understand for merchants, unlike other pricing methods.

Simple Billing Statements

Customers can easily understand their billing statement.

Save on Fees

Save on processing fees since these are passed on to the customers. This means more profit for re-investing in business.


Our Cash Discount Program serves to pass down processing fees to the customers so that the merchant doesn't pay any debit or credit card processing fees. It encourages customers to pay in cash by giving a cash discount to them. Set the size of the discount to best cover the cost of acceptance. Our terminal will automatically calculate the non-cash service fee to be charged to the customer so that you don't have to be overburdened by it.

Young African-American women paying with cash.

How it works

Business owners have the autonomy to set the size of the discount to best cover the cost of acceptance. For customers who pay in cash, it's a requirement for the merchant to issue a receipt with an additional line item showing the amount of discount deducted, whereas if it’s a debit/credit card transaction, the receipt does not show an additional line item.

Availability is based on the following criteria:

  • Your business is a restaurant, retail, or service business.
  • Your business processes at least $4,000/month in credit card sales.
  • Your company has been in business for more than one year, and you have at least one year left on your lease.
  • Your business does not have any open judgements or bankruptcies.

receipt examples

Normal credit card transaction receipt
Receipt with Cash Discount applied


Every business is unique, which is why we offer a variety of terminals to meet your needs.

Valor Terminals

Deliver a new shopping experience that’s both seamless for you and effortless for your customers.

  • Large 3.5’’ touch screen display
  • Digital signature and mobile number capture and receipt
  • Bill splitting and on-screen tipping suggestions; no fees on tips
  • Handheld pay at the table POS w/ 4G and Wifi option with connectivity
  • Contactless payment, accepts Samsung, Apple, Google Pay
  • Digital copies of all transactions
  • Displays Cash Discount price prior to completion of sale
  • Dual MIDs supported
Valor V100 payment processor.

PAX Terminals

The perfect countertop Android SmartPOS solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Versatile enough to work as a countertop or indoor portable payment terminal thanks to its optional battery backup.

  • Unprecedented security
  • Ultra-safe security processor
  • NFC Contactless Certified
  • Supports RSA, AES, 3DES Micro
  • SD Expandability
  • PCI PTS 5.x, SRED

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cash Discount Program?

Cash Discount program is an innovative solution that makes it possible for merchants to eliminate the cost of payment processing by applying a small convenience fee on all store sales while offering a discount to cash paying customers. This program passes the cost of processing to the customers allowing the merchant to reduce or eliminate their card processing cost.

Can I offer Cash Discount in my store?

Yes, Thanks to the Dodd-Frank law, Cash Discount program is legal in all 50 states.

Is Cash Discount the same as surcharging?

No, Cash Discount is not the same as Surcharging. By applying a Customer Service Fee on all store sales, Cash Discount program ensures that there is no discrimination against different card brands. The Discount offered is for cash paying customers and as a legal requirement, all stores must clearly display the Customer Service Fee notice inside the store to ensure all customers are aware and informed.

Do I need special equipment for Cash Discount?

No, Our cash Discount program works on standard terminals as well as POS systems. Our team of Technical and POS experts will program your terminals and help setup cash discount on your POS system.

Will I need to pay anything to get setup?

Our Cash Discount Program is custom tailored for each individual merchant. Our goal is to ensure that each merchant is setup with the correct equipment and solutions to fit their unique business needs. In most cases, the cost of equipment or POS system that a merchant needs is offset greatly by the monthly savings from their card processing fees.

How much will I save using the Cash Discount Program?

Each business is unique with different processing costs and charges depending on their current processor setup. While we cannot offer a standard savings amount, what we can guarantee is that Our Cash Discount Program will eliminate almost all of your monthly card processing fees.

How quickly can I get setup?

Getting setup with our Cash Discount program is easy. In order to comply with federal regulations, we will need the following documents: Cash Discount Merchant application signed by the Business Owner Business Banking documents which can be Voided Check or Signed Bank Letter, If available, Previous Processing Statements, Copy of owners Drivers License. Once all the required documentation is provided, we can get you setup and processing in 24-48 hours.

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